Introducing ... is a resource designed to reveal to the British electorate and media the extent to which the Liberal Democrats engage in dirty tricks and negative campaigning against their political rivals.

For too long they have got away with presenting themselves on the national stage as 'whiter than white' - as a political force operating on a morally higher plane than Labour, the Conservatives and the other parties.

Yet their actions on the campaign trail reveal a different story. In reality, Lib Dem candidates and politicians have often dragged British politics into the political swamp with the shameful use of techniques that would not be out of place in the dirtiest of election campaigns in the United States.

By directing a seachlight on to the unacceptable face of the Liberal Democrats we intend to make their brand of dirty politics itself an issue in the forthcoming general election, to make the party more self-conscious about their political practice.

In part, the Lib Dems behave as they do because they perceive that questionable tactics such as character assassinations, false accusations, deliberate misrepresentations and misleading claims work.

By taking a stand against these Lib Dem tactics, we aim to force Nick Clegg to clean up his party's act and focus instead on policy.

This will be good for politics. Labour, Tory and other party candidates will then not need to spend so much time counter-attacking and rebutting Lib Dem accusations and will be free to participate in a more rational contest based on competing policies and visions of the future.

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