Oborne exposes the 'real nasty party'

Reinforcing the reports we aim to draw attention to here on this site, Peter Oborne had an article in the Daily Mail last week exposing more examples of Lib Dem dirty campaigning tactics.

Headlined 'Dirty tricks of the REAL nasty party', Oborne set out why he has concluded that Nick Clegg’s effort to portray the Liberal Democrats as the honest and decent party is a "cynical" claim.

Examples leading Oborne to conclude that "it is undeniable that some Liberal Democrats lie and cheat", included:

- misrepresentations and false political insinuations by one Lib Dem candidate, Serena Tierney, about a number of resignations of local Conservative councillors, despite two being explained by illness, two more moving away from the area, and one of the councillors actually having died;

- lurid false claims about Tory health policy made by the Lib Dem candidate for Hereford, Sarah Carr, based on the comments of a 'rebel' Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan whose ideas about the NHS were in fact firmly slapped down by the Tory leadership - and her use alongside them of a photo of her in conversation with the chief executive of the local hospital, who was 'shocked' to find his photo had been used in such a way;

- the planting of letters of praise in the local newspapers; like the Lib Dem candidate for Gloucester, Jeremy Hilton, who was caught out sending a letter drafted by his press officer to someone else for them to send to the local newspaper in their name;

- trying to be 'all things to all people', by claiming to have contradictory policies on controversial issues - like the European Union, immigration and crime - in different parts of the country;

- the nasty attempted character assassination of a local Tory MP, Nadine Dorries, by the Lib Dem candidate for Mid Bedfordshire, Linda Jack.

While w
e wouldn't agree with Peter Oborne when he says "None of this deceit mattered too much when the Liberal Democrats were a minor party on the fringes of Westminster", the party's recent rise in the polls does make it all the more important that people realise what kind of people, and what kind of party, they may be considering giving greater influence over how this country is governed.


  1. Some lib dems are absolutely evil (not to say all of them) not a clue what honesty is , just look at kirsty williams with the fake nurse and policeman for the welsh lib dem manifesto GE 2010, they say it is 'illustrative' believing they have not given false info to the electorate, tip of the iceberg stuff

  2. I had a letter from Nick Clegg, where I live in Chelmsford {Lib Dems are targeting this seat} in a coloured that came with a letter. The Lib Dems had a cheek in saying and I quote "...Don't let the old parties scare you with their negative attacks..."

  3. Same old lib dems, still if they get into government theyll start having to answer a few questions.